SBA Halloween Social information and guidelines

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SBA Halloween Social information and guidelines

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Hello LL.M.s:

It has been brought to the SBA e-Board’s attention that some students are concerned about the lack of a mask mandate at the Halloween social event this Friday, October 29th.

As stated in the event post, and for all upcoming SBA events, we will follow the University’s guidelines which can be found at: ... ml#faq01-3

The University’s current policy is to follow NY State and Erie County Health Department’s COVID-19 guidelines when hosting an event off-campus. Given this, we are not mandating those attending the event to wear a mask. We do encourage mask wearing when not eating or drinking, but it is a not a requirement.

As a precaution, all students in attendance are required to complete the Daily Health Check. Also, when students enter the venue, we will be scanning the UBLinked QR code in addition to the QR code you received when you purchased your event ticket. You can obtain your UBLinked QR code at this link:

If students have concern about this policy, we invite you to reach out to us at We also welcome all students to the SBA general meeting. At these meetings you can voice your concerns and offer suggestions for future events.

Your SBA E-Board
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