Mock Interviews and OCI and Summer Application Information

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Mock Interviews and OCI and Summer Application Information

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This week, applications for the NYC interviews are underway and next week the on-campus interview applications will open.

Just a couple of notes:
If you are interested in doing a mock interview with an alum, either in NYC or WNY, please register here:

As always, you can sign up to do a mock interview with the CSO any time by making an appointment in LOCK.

Even if employers publish a class rank preference or even a requirement, apply anyway! The CSO will not prevent anyone from applying. Many times, employers will break their own rules on grade cutoffs if a candidate has other qualities that they want. Furthermore, many of the employers who come to OCI do not have grade cutoffs. Make sure you take a look at the full list! Put yourself out there!

3. Reminder of how it all works: Here is a copy of the information that went out by email. The original attachments to the email can be found in LOCK's resource library. They are:

1. A detailed handbook outlining the process, including an FAQ section
2. A preliminary list of the participating employers doing interviews
3. A calendar to help you keep the deadlines straight
4. A memo from the National Association for Legal Professionals, outlining the guidelines and protocols for timing of offers and your comportment during the season

Original email:

Though you may not even have finished your last job search, it is time to start thinking about next summer. Believe it or not, some applications for next summer’s jobs will be due as early as June 25! Here’s what happens next…
By the way, you have been promoted in LOCK! 1Ls are now 2Ls, and 2Ls are now 3Ls. If you have a special situation, like a dual degree, or 2-year JD, please contact the CSO to adjust your class year if necessary.
The first thing you have to do right now is register! Deadline: June 30, 2018

Please take a minute to register for On-Campus Interviewing, if you plan to participate. This will help us communicate with you throughout the recruiting season and to get a better sense of what kinds of employers are in demand for your class. You are not obligated to participate if you register, but we ask that you do register if you think you might want to participate.
Here is a recap of the information you received during Legal Profession Class in the spring:

What is OCI?

Summer/Fall recruiting or (OCI) is a process whereby various employers request resumes from law students for Summer Associate (2Ls) positions and/or for Associate (3Ls, LLMs) positions after graduation. For the most part, CSO collects the application materials through LOCK. There are two major programs: one in New York City, on Thursday, August 2, 2018 (at the London, NYC, 151 W. 54th St, New York City), and one literally on-campus, in Buffalo, beginning Wednesday, August 15. 2018.
There are also various employers posting in the regular “OCI and Job Listings” section of LOCK, which have different deadlines. NOTE: The earliest of these is Willkie Farr due JULY 1!

The first application period for OCIs will be June 25 througgh July 2, 2018 (This is for New York City)!


1. Understanding How OCI works
- Read the attached handbook
- Are you ready to apply? First application period is June 25 through July 2, 2018
- Interviews begin August 2, 2018
- Check the resume collections and direct applications for early deadlines, like Willkie Farr on July 1!
2. Update your records
- Does your current LOCK login information work?
- Update your email of record; email is the primary means via which we communicate with you
- Report your current summer internship (right on the front page of your LOCK profile)
3. Update your application materials
- Ensure your resume is current and has been approved by June 30 (required)
- Draft cover letters
- Create your transcript/grade report in a word or pdf document
- Choose and clean up your writing sample
- Draft a list of references
4. Move beyond “OCI”
- Work your individual strategy
- Research and apply to additional employers
5. Expand your network and exposure to the profession
- Meet with your mentor
- Schedule Informational Interviews
- Attend bar association/alumni events: receptions, CLEs, lectures.
6. Use the CSO Resources fully-- it helps!
- Individualized counseling
- Alumni lists
- Interview training and mock interviews with alumni (details to follow)
- Written guides
- Additional resources

The Career Services Office
SUNY Buffalo Law School
608 O'Brian Hall, Buffalo, New York 14260
(716) 645-2056
Career Services Office
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