SBA Budget Meeting for All Clubs 4/22 at 4:30pm

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SBA Budget Meeting for All Clubs 4/22 at 4:30pm

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Attention Club Officers,

We are shortly approaching budgeting season. First, and most importantly, we are meeting to finalize the budget on April 22, 2022, at 4:30pm in Room 106. As you continue reading, some officers will be required to attend because their budget requests are substantial to the point of an in-person question and answer session prior to approval. Budget presentations will be capped at ten (10) minutes per club/event.

Please adhere to the following process:
  • If your anticipated budget for next year is below $800, email Greg Goujon ( with your anticipated revenue (money you will bring in via fundraisers and events), your anticipated expenses (money you will spend on events like general interest meetings, socials, etc.), and the net of the two.
  • If your anticipated budget for next year is equal to or exceeds $800, email Greg Goujon ( with a detailed anticipated revenue plan, detailed anticipated expenses, and the net of the two. Your budget will simply need to be more detailed and planned out.

    For example, rather than saying (“we expect to raise $200 in revenue”) you should itemize out the various events you intend to hold throughout the school year to raise revenue.

    Do the same for anticipated expenses.

    The additional detail of these requests is important because of how much money is involved as well as the ability for SBA to ask better questions when you present your budget on April 22.
  • The President (or VP) and Treasurer MUST be present at the April 22 meeting.

Please email your budget in the form of an excel spreadsheet or similar accessible document like a pdf. When making your budget request it is important to be conservative. Take your revenue estimates and round them down. Take your expenses and round them up. Students have vastly outspent their revenues this year. Our budget needs to be balanced to be approved. Please, reflect on this year and think about next year as you consider your club’s individual budget. A form that can be found here:
Student Group Budget Template.xlsx

Lastly, if you host any of the formal socials, dinners, or events please also submit a budget separate from your club’s budget. Right now, many of those represent independent lines in our budget and we want to make sure that they are taken care of moving into next year. If you are unsure if your club has a separate budget line, reach out to Greg Goujon.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. If you do NOT provide SBA with any budget we will make our own budget for you, including the possibility of receiving no funds. Submit your budget by April 18, 2022 to ensure your voice is heard.

Thank you,
SBA E-Board
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