SBA Wellness Week Gift Card Giveaway!

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SBA Wellness Week Gift Card Giveaway!

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As part of Wellness week, SBA is giving away $25 gift cards! Below are the winners for the week whose names were randomly drawn for each class. SBA will be contacting each winner to arrange pick up of their gift card!

Wellness Week Giveaway Winners!

3L/LLM - Matthew Doyle (Amazon) and Evan McIntyre (Starbucks)
2L - Kari Ashworth (Tim Hortons) and Peter Evancho (Target)
1L - Jela Paul (Target) and Bud Miles (Amazon)

3L/LLM - Roxanna Herreid (Starbucks) and Dorothy Shuldman (Tim Hortons)
2L - Scott Draffin (Target) and Niyobuhungiro Godfroid (Amazon)
1L - Taylor Phelps (Amazon) and Andrew Henry (Starbucks)

3L/LLM - Austin Mowers (Tim Hortons) and Jeongah Kwon (Target)
2L - Michael Arena (Amazon) and Lauren Baker (Starbucks)
1L - Elyse Ponterio (Starbucks) and Analiese Vasciannie (Tim Hortons)

3L/LLM - Derick White (Target) and Canio Marasco (Amazon)
2L - Jamie Englerth (Starbucks) and Rebecca Kroll (Tim Hortons)
1L - Nicholas Guarino (TIm Hortons) and Brandon Small (Target)

Congratulations to all the winners! Good luck to everyone on their finals!!
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